For the longest time I have thought about the act of creative ‘Risk-Taking‘ and the use of technology—how it might affect the creative decision-making process? 

The collapse of the stock market in 2008 and the subjugation of the marketplace that followed has likely changed attitudes of risk-taking for a generation. We feel safer if we can predict an outcome. The use of stock illustration as an art form is predefined and sold by genre, style, and subject matter. (more) Illustrators are mindful of the increasing need for their work to be noticed amid the cacophony of content on the web. They must acknowledge that their work will be vying for a disassociated audience’s limited attention in this modern world which has become relentlessly overrun with online advertising, content marketing and the limits of the attention economy. This means attention is a resource, as each user only has so much of it. 

The very act of hiring illustrators to create custom work also ensures avoiding embarrassing mishaps which can occur when companies are noticed displaying the same stock imagery as their online competitors. 

A positive consequence of employing an illustrative artist is that individual companies can present a far more personalized and accessible user experience. This is by far better suited to their specific target market and reaffirms a more authentic presence for potential clientele. Just Saying!



Harvesting a new process pathway. Very Happy with this piece and its final outcome. The art is made from an assemblage of different shapes and forms creating a new whole. The process is still in its infancy but essentially this is an analogue (graphite) to digital (Illustrator/Photoshop/Procreate) then back to analogue (Collage) again.