This section of art is my ‘playground’ for experimenting with new materials and surface substrates. The transformations exhibited here are a cross-pollination of digital and analogue. For the most part, it takes a more biased form of graphic imagery, utilizing the bold practice of black and white art with some personal directness of expression.   In this age of transition in which material and digital experience are in an unprecedented state of coexistence, our understanding of the physical is endlessly reshaped by advancements in technology. Various types of printmaking and digital printing techniques come into play stretching the boundary between the ‘artificial’ and ‘organic’.  Some forms can employ image transfer techniques, laser cutting, etching plates and silk screens which can add significantly to the final aesthetic potential. 


CHAOS ©  Artist: Doug Panton

Medium: Digital -- Size: 36" x 36"

Award: Society of Illustrators of Los Angeles

Available as a signed limited edition print ( Series of 35 only ) --  Email: for details


CHAOS ©  Artist: Doug Panton

Mediums: Digital, wood, laser, acrylic, pastel

Size: 28" x 28"


EMERGENCE ©  Artist: Doug Panton

Mediums: Graphite, Digital, Paper Collage

Size: 85" x 48"