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Why am I making art?   I make art primarily because I enjoy the process.  It’s fun making things. By telling visual stories, it allows us to connect with each other.  My art tends to play with the symbolism of different objects and explores different ways of conveying a sense of ‘the intimate’.  My latest creations have emerged from a fascination with flight patterns and mimicking nature.  My art draws upon the strength and insights of life, and to enrich and reshape through its exploration.  I create art in what is probably a vain effort to control somehow the world in which I live, recreating it in a manner that satisfies my sense of what the world should look like and be. Whatever the reason, an inner compulsion exists, and I continue to honour this internal imperative.  There is no greater feeling of freedom than creating art.  Getting lost in the moment while creating is liberating beyond anything else I have experienced.  And so the ultimate aim of my art is to create an environment of empathy, something that would allow the miracle of sharing to take place, where the audience can rise out of themselves and extend themselves into others and live within others. 

What influences me most?  Systems of nature, humour, spontaneity, craftsmanship.  Art causes people to look a little closer. To look closer at the social issues, at other people and their emotions, at the environment that surrounds them, and the everyday objects and life forms around them. It helps them see what is there but not easily perceived. It brings out that which cannot be seen or felt easily. When society sees and feels clearly on these things, it provides opportunities for change in thought or appreciation of the message behind the art.

How does my art relate to the art of my contemporaries?  It provides a sense that so much is yet to discover.  Inspired by the internal motivation for not only my art but all areas of my life. Creating distinctive hybrid art that uses technology and original materials. Giving life to something unique from yourself to share with the world purely for intrinsic value.